Sexual dominance encounter - side-dancefloor micro escalatio

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Sexual dominance encounter - side-dancefloor micro escalatio

Indlægaf Glow » tirs 2. jun 2015 12:20

Hep hey, im somewhat new to hardcore sexual escalation in clubs but started going out again in more of a seduction mode. Had my first hottie sexual tension/dominance experience in the weekend. Would love your feedback to learn how to go next. In short - we arrived at a bar with dance floor, house music kinda place, coctails around 2 o’clock at night. The place was on fire an all sets were intermingled and edges blurry - chaos time you know vs. closed sets.

I came in w. 2 wings, Did some mingling through half the bar, then hi-fived at girl at a central spot in the middle and span her 3 times then danced a little and let her go. Went around, back to the bar and suddenly one hb FEMME came out of nothing moving through the bar. She hadn’t seen me. So nice - Looked like a younger version of kylie minoque but with booty and perky little body. Breasts to die for. My intent went through the roof!
* I went in, good lock-in, and did sensual gaze w. vacuum, proximity. Said ”Hey” w a long pause. She smiled, paused abit but walked on - went on to the bathroom.
* I grabbed her again - claw style when she came out(a bit away from the loo) & stopped w. her in the middle of the dance floor in a passage from lounge area to the larger bar and djs etc. Full intent!
* Sexual tension was sparkling. Lots of silence and Eye Contact testing. high energy sexual bubble.
* She asked for my name
* I replied w. silence and EC. Pause Sexual tension through the roof.
* she asked for my name again
* i just smiled seductively while holding eye contact and her hand
* she grabbed my face dominantely and said whats your name?
* I slowly took her wrist and dominated her physically. Turned her around and pulled her in ass to crotch. Pushed her away. turned her around. locked her in for eye contact.Her arms around my neck.
* Suddenly she exited. And went to the bar.
* Later she came with a friend a bit next to me, the friend dragging her and positioned them in the bar on a step right above me. I was seated back towards the bar chilling.
* I eyed her again, tension, started caressing her arm i the bar while sending her fuck eyes. Curved her bracelet with one finger while looking at her. she took it passively while looking at me . dont remember her eyes/send.
* after that - Her cockblocker - leading the set female friend passed close by me with her looking awaitingly out her eye at me which i took as a signal. those little eye glimpse in my direction while they were parading through.
* A bit after i saw she was making out with some dude in the bar which she seemed to have been involved with before me.
Overall she seemed to femme fatal tease everyone bouncing around w her friend tipsy surfing dicks etc.

In short i sense that im a bit timid on sexual escalation and thinking i should hold more back than i need to. Guess im afraid too much will make her leave. On the other hand im quite sure i do it too little and i have to escalate somehow even if i go high sexual vibe - low kino which is my preferred model to super arouse the chicks. Especially when she attacks as above and the arousal explodes in her. Any help here or suggestions for a kalibrated sensual progression w. more overt sexual women would be appreciated. Thinking maybe i need to over escalate in a period to learn calibration. How would you have executed on the above?

Anyways - a very good sexual vibe experience w. little words, just eyes, body, taking space, dominate etc. first serious one i have had in a bar in awhile. Very like sleazy describes in his book sleazy stories. Just without end action. But fine. im new to this. And she was an 8+ er if not more. Def. the queen of the place that night.

Would love to know how you would have done..

Ps svar endelig på dansk. skrev den i min log på engelsk - derfor er den engelsk ovenfor
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