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Serier/Bøger anbefaling

Indlægaf Athena » lør 9. aug 2014 19:44

Jeg har ikke tålmodighed til at uddybe, men da jeg var ung, for nogle år tilbage, manglede der seriøst noget mere.. samtidsrelevant lit. eller bare underholdning man kan lade sig inspirere af. Derfor, fordi jeg er f'ing gavmild, deler jeg lidt her, selvom jeg ikke har set/læst det hele selv.

Girls Guide to depravity - how to get laid without getting screwed
Heather Rutman is a formerly single (but now settled) woman who spent over a decade dating more than her share of the dicks and douchebags in Hollywood. Over the years, she was forced to develop her own philosophy on how to deal with them and The Girl’s Guide to Depravity was born. Now that she doesn’t need the rules anymore Heather is passing them on to the next generation of depraved girls, who are looking to get laid without getting screwed.

Der er en dertilhørende serie. Og bog.

Serie : ... /episodes/

Bog : ... 0762444878

Så har vi en, som jeg slugte råt

The secret diary of a London callgirl

The real-life anonymous blog and book of a high-class London call girl known to the world only as "Belle de Jour" becomes this original series starring Billie Piper as Hannah, an ambitious young woman leading an exciting but dangerous double life as an expensive escort named "Belle" that not even her best friend suspects. Cherie Lunghi and Iddo Goldberg costar in this hit British-produced series.

Serie, ps. Se den.

Bøger ... 1409113841 ... SZ3JHV28T9 ... GHPQBRCN4Z

Og der er en milliard mere. Hun er escort pige, hun er intelligent, og hun forstår mænd. Ikke at jeg er for, at man skal prostituere sig med mindre man viiiiirkelig gerne vil men hun har nogle gode råd som faktisk er brugbare.

Så har vi en "pickup" dame, som skriver til kvinder.
Arden Leigh

Bog :

She walks into a room and heads turn.

Conversations stop. Drinks spill. The man you've been trying to talk to all night suddenly excuses himself. You hope she'll break a stiletto.

Don't hate her. Become her.

What would you rather do-have a strategy to win the guy you want, or sit at the bar all night and wait for him to come to you? Arden Leigh schools women in the art of getting their desires, offering you effective tips for attracting him, mesmerizing him, and convincing him that what he really wants is you, including:

•Why being sexy shouldn't be your only weapon

•Why waiting for him to approach you is one of the worst things you can do

•Why you should always do more at the party than have fun

•How Facebook, Twitter, and texting can help you-or hurt you.

The New Rules of Attraction gives you the tools to create lasting attraction with the kind of men you want in your life. ... rden+leigh

Og så lige en mere


After ending a two-year relationship with the man she thought was Mr. Right, Elisabeth is 30, single and starting all over again.
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