Notes On Setting Up A Date & Dealing With LMR (by RSDJeffy)

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Notes On Setting Up A Date & Dealing With LMR (by RSDJeffy)

Indlægaf Kaizer » man 24. mar 2014 18:31

The structure of the date:
Make it as close to your house as possible.
Make the place causal
No siting at a table, sit at the bar or on a couch so you can escalate
Go for the hug and a kiss first thing, and say ‘Long time no see’ so it seems less awkward
Look her up and down ‘Ok, this is good. Your totally doable!’
A lot of times the date will be awkward at first, imbrace the awkwardness, it will fade. Some times it helps to address the awkwardness head on.
When you are actually at the day two only worry about being interesting and interested.
Escalate about half way through the date and do the usually statements of intent. There is no need to hammer on attraction.
Then at end of the date just say ‘Alright lets get out of here’ and get into the car with no explanation. 90% of the time they’ll just come with.
Give a false time constraint if she objects to coming in the house
Go strait from the door to the bedroom
As soon as your in the room and shes in the bathroom change into basketball shorts (his room is a characture of a pimps bedroom)
Make her a cocktail
Deal with LMR...

Dealing with LMR:
Once shes in your room she will usually go to the bathroom. While this is happening change into basket ball shorts. Make sure the room is comfortable, relatively clean, and has good lighting (low and colorful is best. Bright white lights are not conducive to hooking up). When she comes back she might ask why your in shorts, just say its more comfortable. Start making out with her and touching her non sexual spots ( neck, back, legs, etc). Then roll on top of her and start making out with her more heavily. If gets uncomfortable let her be on top of you, so she feels like she has more control. Take your shirt off and her shirt off (if she resists taking the shirt off just move on). Start touching more sexual spots and rubbing her pusssy. Rub her pussy from behind, putting your hand down the backside of her pants. This gets less resistance then going down the front of her pants, cause that is associated with sex. Either start fingering her or if she doenst go for that start dry humping her hard, as if your having sex. This will give her a preview of what sex with you is like. When she’s sufficiently horny go down on her for a few minutes and shell be more then ready for sex.

Sometime the girl will give a hard no, which obviously you have to respect. At that point just chill out, make jokes, have the vibe that you don’t give a shit if you have sex either way. Treat it as a yellow light, which means ‘not right now’ not ‘not ever’. Use the four times rule where you can try for sex four times before it comes off as creepy. Just chill out between trying each time and joke around with her to keep the vibe from turning weird. Also, remember you don’t have to take the panties completely off to have sex, just flick them to the side. Don’t get obsessed with getting all the clothes off, just take off enough clothes to have sex. If you really want to see her naked you can take off her clothes while your already having sex. Remember you can hook up and fuck standing up if shes uncomfortable doing it on your bed. This can sometimes make it easier cause it doenst trigger as many alarms if you are hooking up standing up. Finally, if shes on her period just pull the tampon out and throw it away. This is a bold move but it works. Hope this helps.
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Re: Notes On Setting Up A Date & Dealing With LMR (by RSDJef

Indlægaf Gregersen » lør 24. dec 2016 01:03

Hvor er det nu dette er fra? Synes jeg har set/hørt det før, men kan ikke lige genkende det.

I hvert fald, er de blevet til min golden datebook, og det er gyldne råd!
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