Pua bog/pdf til highschool/skole pickup.

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Pua bog/pdf til highschool/skole pickup.

Indlægaf Void » fre 5. okt 2012 14:25

Hey gutter, har i nogle gode bøger/pdf filer til highschool/skole pickup og hvordan man kan blive en af de populære.

Helst nogle der kan findes på nettet (Yarr!)

- Void
Seargeant O'Hara
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How to be Cool & Get Girls in College

Indlægaf Orion » lør 6. okt 2012 12:26

How to be Cool & Get Girls in College
Hugget fra https://www.simplepickup.com/how-to/be- ... n-college/

Many of you who follow us are college students and this article is mainly for you. However, I promise this will also be beneficial to you guys who are in high school or have graduated from college. Let’s begin.

Make sure your Penis WILL BE PROTECTED

Always slip a condom(s) in your back pocket before you go out. STDs and Babies are not the best of things at such an early age. In addition, we find bringing protection gives us more confidence when we go out because subconsciously we know we can get down for action if the possibility does arrive.

No excuses not to perform.

Arrive with a balance of Tacos and Sausages

Obviously I’m eluding that a taco represents a vagina and a sausage represents a penis.

When you’re invited to a party you rarely want to arrive alone. I’ve done it a few times and it was harder to pick up girls because my friends weren’t there. Bringing girl and guy friends to a party does a few things:

Builds up your social capital

Social capital is the currency to see if you’re a loner or not. People are drawn to people who are in groups, especially girls because a person in a group is less likely a serial rapist than someone who arrive all by himself.

Increases your chance of picking up a girl

Good friends help each other when it comes to winging. Everyone has fun and gets someone at the end of the night.

Don’t make excuses that you don’t have friends

Everyone in college should have a handful of friends. Don’t you socialize with people in your class, apartment mates, clubs? Shit, even your Quasimodo looking classmate has friends. If it’s easy for the ugliest of uglies to have friends, you should be able to make friends.

Your Liver Needs to Live

Just because your mouth can fit the funnel of a beer bong, which has a girth of 6 inches, doesn’t mean you’re a cool guy. In fact, drinking upside down while being held up by your buddies makes you look like a tool if anything. I’m not saying don’t drink, I’m saying to be smart because you shouldn’t do stupid drunken things at parties.

You might have fun for a quick second, but you’ll regret it when you wake up in the morning to find that you made out with some acne infested girl or had sex with the dog. Long story short, you don’t make the best decisions when you’re really inebriated.

We did drink and still do, but just enough where we still can talk coherently and confident. A lot of guys make the mistake by saying, “liquid courage.” Well what about “liquid limp dick” or “liquid my mouth smells like shit.” Yeah, think about that.

Also, in our experiences, the hottest girls at college parties were rarely super drunk. The reason? Many of them don’t want to be taken advantage of by “rapists.” You are not a “rapist” you are a guy who picks up girls through confidence and by being yourself.

If you were to give our pick up a name, we would call it Good Guy Game.

Hook Up in the Bathroom

What’s great about most college parties is they’re in a house. This means they have a non-public bathroom where the floors aren’t full of bacteria and slimy dog shit isn’t stained on the toilet seat. It’s clean, usually. If you bump into a girl who matches your vibe, then it is required to make a move. And, if you want to go past second base, but want a private spot, the bathroom is the way to go.

Let’s face the facts, it sucks when you and the girl live a mile or more from each other. And, most guys don’t have cars in college so walking doesn’t seem like a good plan. Even if she’s down, do you know many times we’ve walked a girl back to her place and have her to be exhausted to do anything sexual? Let’s just say there are many apartment couches I’ve masturbated on.

This is why hooking up in the bathroom is a great logistical move. All it takes is confidence to do this…

You: I have to check out the bathroom, come with.

Grab her hand and lead her to the bathroom.

You: Wait outside for a second.

When you open the door take a look around to see if the amenities make sense. No stains, the shower looks clean, the toilet seat down and wiped down, the bathroom smell good? If it isn’t, is it easy to make the bathroom look good without a sponge?

If you have time, you can even piss before you decide to bring her in.


Open the door, grab her hand, close the bathroom door, and start making out. It’s wise to leave the lights on as you don’t want to bump into things. And, then this is where you should unzip and have fun.

God, I’m just getting horny thinking about it.

The thing you have to realize is the quickness of the move. If you open the door slowly and hesitate to grab her hand because you’re concerned what others might see or think…then nothing will happen. Girls like a man who is confident and can provide excitement to their lives. The entire bathroom hookup process is an awesome experience for them, and a day they will never forget.

Have Fun

Whether you go to a college party or have your own, remember to always have fun. Life is too short for you to worry about if you’re going to pick up a girl or not that night. Have fun, party hard, dance if you need to, and enjoy your epic night.
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