Tinderbox og Roskilde - asap!

Find en wing at gå ud med!

Tinderbox og Roskilde - asap!

Indlægaf Don Romeo » fre 29. jun 2018 20:16

Hi, I hope its ok I write in English this time. Replies in Danish are welcome.

Im at Tinderbox now and tomorrow, and volunteering at Roskilde Festival.

Last time I was at Tinderbox I fucked a girl, and I just got back from Copenhell, where I also fucked a girl. So this is definitely the sort of place for it!

If youre here, and you know how to present yourself, write to me ASAP on this number:
53 70 45 84

Social proof is absolutely critical - and as Im with my Danish little half brother and sister, Im alone when I want to meet other people. At Roskilde Im a volunteer. We can 'SP' (social proof) eachother, and have a laugh doing it.

Hope to hear from you soon - either for Tinderbox or for Roskilde.

Be lucky

Don Romeo
Don Romeo
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