Eckhart Tolle Principles (credit Tyler)

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Eckhart Tolle Principles (credit Tyler)

Indlægaf Kaizer » lør 15. jul 2017 12:32

OK a few posts basically saying "Ecky is a bunch of new age hippie shit!!"

And you know what?? It's true.

In fact if I wasn't the type of guy to skim through and get the useful stuff and screan out the negative, I'd probably throw that book in the garbage after the first few pages.

So alright, rather than having to do the sifting and using common-sense to suck out the marrow and discard the fat, I'm going to just give it to you STRAIGHT.

After this you won't even have to read the book anymore if you don't want to.

Here is the meat of it, very rough and written in about 5 minutes:

1- You are not your mind, you are the "observer behind your mind":
Why? Many thoughts are rooted in old conditionining, or even emotional/chemical addictions AND are running on AUTOPILOT.

EG: You're out at a club and you feel approach anxiety, even though you LOGICALLY know that it doesn't make any sense (it's an old conditioned autopilot emotional response).

YOU are not actually generating these thoughts, therefore learn to stay "present" and you will experience total clarity and feel super happy and good....

The key is that if you IDENTIFY with these thoughts (ie: believe you are "in control" and actively/deliberately thinking them, as opposed to the reality that it's just an autopilot that has nothing to do with "you") you give them FUEL and make them stronger. If you don't identify with them then they become diffused and go away.

2- Non-resistance:
Oftentimes it's the RESISTANCE to a situation that's causing the bad emotions, NOT the situation itself.

The vast majority of all bad emotions you experience is RESISTANCE to situations, NOT the situations themselves.

Most situations are not that bad at all. It's just that your ego has this concept that "It's supposed to be this specific way" and when it doesn't get what it wants, it resists it and creates a massive amount of negative emotion built up in your system.

For example you might hear a car-alarm going off outside. Is it REALLY that bad?? Uhhh, no. However if you have this "conditioned" idea that it's bad then you'll start going "Uhhhh that's sooooo annoying... I can't concentrate.... I'm so pissed off at whoever left this thing on!!"

That's because your conditioning tells you this is how you're supposed to react. As an EXPERIMENT try just "being in the moment" and ACCEPTING it, rather than throwing up all sorts of "resistance". You may even find that the car alarm is pretty funny.

Well, the same principle can be applied to all the "lows" when it comes to your journey towards personal transformation and success with women. Accepting them (ie: not "resisting") will make you RESOURCEFUL. Feeling all sorts of negative energy due to resistance will resourcefulness and leave you STUCK and STAGNANT.

You often see guys who come on the forum who you can tell are "resisting" the lulls in their progress. Many of them whine and quit and never improve. Then you have the guys who practise the art of "non-resistance" and allow their natural resourcefulness to find solutions, and they come back a year later totally PUA'ed up. They "accept" it as a "part of the process" and blast through their sticking points and go on to ultimate victory....

3- Seeing the world as a unified whole, instead of seeking shelter in "judgements, interpretations, labels, and comparisons":
This one is sneaky, in that most people who hear about it will instantly say "That's bullshit!! I judge because I'm an objective person and I'm qualified to do so!!"

However believe it or not, you are MORE than capable of "acting in the moment" without having to judge and label everything that you see.

In fact, by simply observing and not having to continually label/interpret everything in a self-dialogue, you will be utterly blown away at how much better it allows you to see what's going on around you.

Even moreso, it actually IMPROVES your memory of the events. This will freak you out, because at first you'll think that because you aren't running the "taperecorder" of self dialogue that you'll forget everything but it is JUST THE OPPOSITE. You will see the world with more vividly and remember your experience with much more sharpness.

As far as "success with women" goes: it makes you insanely effective, because you aren't getting all these crazy emotional ups-and-downs with things like congruence tests or a "pull" that's "on the fence" and you're not sure if you'll get it or not (and the girl is unconsciously waiting to see if you can "keep your cool" to decide if she'll sleep with you or not). It also gives you this crazy fucking SIIIICK vibe where you can talk to a girl and LISTEN to her without judgement, which makes the "qualification" phase of the pickup really really smooth and natural, and also positions you as someone she's qualifying herself to when she talks to you (this is hard to explain -- try it and you will see girls will just keep talking and talking while they try to impress you).

It's also allows you to let the girl talk without having to think of something to say "in your head' right after she's done, and you wind up taking these really smooth pauses that she WAITS for EAGERLY to hear your answer. Man, this type of thing just really smoothens out your game as a whole. Try it.

Key realization: Having to continually label and interpret IS a sign of a "weak reality". It's hard to understand, but eventually it will become clear. Move past it this incessant need.

4- Being "in the moment" instead of needing to be a "step ahead":
It's this bullshit need to be a step ahead that fucks up your whole approach.

Trust me, whenever I'm trying to be a step ahead I can't think of what to say (other than with canned lines).

When I take on the belief that "the words will be there to flow out when I need them" I suddenly can talk and talk and talk for hours on end....... and everything I say is ON POINT.

5- Realizing the "painbody" is a buildup of old negative emotion and social conditioning that tries to "re-energize/replenish" itself via period "flare ups":
When you realize this to be the case it will freak you out.

Basically the painbody is it's OWN ENTITY that wants to replenish itself. If you "stay present" it will not be able to do so, however.

What you'll find it this: If you can stay present long enough it even starts to STARVE and like a desperate lion or polar bear who will eventually attack ANYTHING, the painbody will even make you experience a "pain body flareup" over something utterly ridiculous if you starve it for long enough.

I starved out my painbody for an entire month before it used the BANK MACHINE not working to create a flareup and I start punching the bank machine until my knuckles were almost bleeding.

Then I started it another month (1 month totally happy/fun/in state) and it used my credit card not working and I reamed out the poor sales clerk for half an hour.

Basically you'll find that you can starve out the painbody by 1) realizing it exists and the painbody flareup is NOT REAL, and then 2) staying "present" and starving it so it can't replenish itself.

Over several months the painbody flareups will become further and further apart. It then becomes your job to "diffuse" OTHER people's painbodies by not allowing them to "bounce off of you" when they come at you with bullshit.

If you just keep up this practise you will be utterly blown away by how 1) you no longer get pissed at ANYTHING, and 2) a lot of old bad social conditioning goes away and you start acting a lot closer to your old "caveman" core...

What do I mean by "caveman"?? I'm talking that BADASS MOFO who walks straight up to girls and just TAKES them by the hand and drags them out of the club without the slightest hesistation.

So is this in your best interest?? Uhhhhh.... Maybe.

6- Access to the "universal intelligence/creativity":
Last but not least, the idea that when you're "in the moment" you have access to some sort of higher universal intelligence.

Is this really true?? Who knows.

It may in fact just be that it's simply a better "creative state" to be in, and that mystics like to think of it as like a "link to god" or something to that effect.

Well either way I don't really care, but I'll tell you this: Most highly creative people are being "in the moment" when they create. That's when the true strokes of brilliance come out.

And you know what else??

As a "master pickup artist" it's when you're in the moment that you have those BRILLIANT nights when you just utterly dominate and takeover the entire venue.

This is why all artists have a "love/hate" relationship with themselves.

They KNOW what they're capable of if they can just get themselves "into the moment", however sometimes they block themselves (because it can be hard sometimes) and then they produce utter garbage.

So you wind up getting down on yourself cause you're like "I KNOW what I'm capable of!! But I just can't seem to do it right now!!"

The more often that you're accustomed to accessing (as Ecky would put it) "The Power Of Now", the more easily you can access it over and over.

And what happens when you do??

Those brilliant nights come FLOODING in, and suddenly your sex life is very very interesting.

To Sum Up...

Alright, convinced to read a bit of Ecky??

I DEFINITELY agree, a lot of "new agey" type stuff, what guys like Tim and Jeffy and Ozzie and I jokingly call "AURA MAN".

(Aura Man = New Agey dudes who wear power crystals and magnetic bracelets and believe in chakras and that the entire world will come to them if they just meditate and all that).

At the same time, even if it IS AURA MAN style, I can still respect that there's MUCH WISDOM contained in the "The Power Of Now" and even more importantly "A New Earth".

Enough that I have a massive amount of respect for Eckhart Tolle despite his funny appearances (I'll probably look even funnier than I do now at 60 -- so much love to Eckhart Tolle) and I recommend his book "A New Earth" wholeheartedly to anyone who's interested in bettering themselves.

Anyway, the main reason I even noticed this book was that "The Blueprint" has soooo many similar ideas that I came to independently.

When I found a book that had so much in common with my own ideas that's probably what allowed me to "see past" the new-agey stuff and get to the meat of it. Hopefully with this short post here you can see many of the same things.

OK that's it!! Hope it helped.

"Make it, don't take it, make it, don't fake it."
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Re: Eckhart Tolle Principles (credit Tyler)

Indlægaf vUlpeS » lør 15. jul 2017 13:35

Ok, det kommer nok til at lyde lidt skørt, men..

Imens jeg læste den og begyndte at praktisere, levede jeg et helt år uden at tænke en ærlig tanke. Ren meditation 24/7.
Jeg opnåede et nyt niveau, der er svært at sætte ord på. "Fundamental lykkefølelse" kommer tæt på, men dækker ikke aldeles, hvad jeg oplevede.

Det slog virkelig bunden ud af en ellers temmelig nedtursagtig mentalitet, som jeg har døjet med pga en række traumatiserende oplevelser, jeg har været ude for henad vejen som jeg voksede op.

Jeg vil anbefale at læse den langsomt (tænk dyr cognac) og praktisere sideløbende, måske i et 90/10 forhold.
Det ene øjeblik er det "fyre forstår bare ikke signaler" og yadda yadda yadda og det næste er de sure over, at man er kravlet ind ad deres vindue (kun iført balaclava) for at kysse dem godnat mens de sover.
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Re: Eckhart Tolle Principles (credit Tyler)

Indlægaf Chacruna » lør 15. jul 2017 14:28

Meditation er noget der har betydet utroligt meget i mit liv. Begyndte på det for 13 år siden, netop fordi jeg fik "the Power of Now" på lydbog samt 100 timers lydfiler fra Eckhart Tolle retreats.

Har dog aldrig vent tilbage til Eckhart Tolle siden dengang, ikke fordi jeg synes det er dårligt, men fordi jeg fandt andet jeg syntes var endnu bedre. Adyashanti er min klare favorit. Alan Watts er helt klart også højt oppe på min liste. Og Slavoj Žižek synes jeg også har nogle spændende tekster om "Buddhist Enlightenment". Erwin Schrödinger har desuden en spændende tekst om indsigten Atman = Brahman, som betyder noget i retning af at din sjæl er det samme som verdens-sjælen, eller "din bevidsthed = min bevidsthed = al bevidsthed", Schrödinger er fed at læse fordi i og med at han har modtaget Nobel Prisen i fysik, så er han ikke den sædvanlige kukuk gakgak AURA MAN. :D

Her er en god Adyashanti-video, nok den jeg synes relaterer bedst til pickup af det jeg har hørt af ham:

Edit: Tilføjer også lige en bedre forklaring af Atman = Brahman end den jeg gav:

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Re: Eckhart Tolle Principles (credit Tyler)

Indlægaf chrisjv » man 17. jul 2017 18:41

Blot hallucinerer der skabes pga for højt blodtryk. Nogle gange er det godt at få det man ikke forventer især hvis man er gud.

Da jeg var ca 3 år gammel satte min mor min hånd på kogepladen, så jeg lærte den var varm. ALT det de snakker om HAR JEG SELV OPLEVET dog var det ligeså stor en oplevelse som når jeg har tyndskid. Folk skriver bøger om tyndskid og at være et med det hele.
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